About Terry MacKay


Terry MacKay has been practicing criminal law since 1985 when he became a member of The Law Society of Ontario. He is a founding member of the law firm MacKay and MacKay and practices criminal law exclusively. He has represented clients in all levels of courts in Ontario including the Ontario Court of Appeal, Ontario's highest court.

In over thirty years of practice, Terry MacKay has represented thousands of people, including those charged with relatively minor offences such as theft and assault to those charged with extremely serious matters such as robbery, fraud and murder. His cases have been reported on many occasions in local and national media.

Regardless of the offence with which you are charged, Mr. Mackay will show you respect and give you the guidance that you require to resolve your charges in the most beneficial manner. Mr. MacKay's vast experience and knowledge of criminal law allows him to assess your situation and provide an honest opinion. Working with you and your particular situation, he will develop a strategy to resolve the case at an early stage if possible or, if necessary, strongly defend you at trial.

Terry MacKay, Criminal Defence Lawyer

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