Welcome to Our New Website!

Thanks for visiting. Before we go any further, if you landed here looking for legal representation or trying to get in touch with Terry MacKay, please visit our Contact Us page.

We developed this website to make it easier for anyone looking for reliable legal representation in criminal proceedings to take the first step in their defence. As you go through the site, you’ll learn about the legal process, expertise and services you can expect when you work with Terry.

But even more than that, we want anyone who visits the site after being charged with criminal offence to know that there is hope. Few people realize the stress and fear faced by someone who has been charged, especially when it’s the first time. And it’s not just because they might have their freedom taken away.

As time goes on, the realization of the full implications of the charge set in, including the impact on family, employment and the future.

But criminal charges are not the end of anything. Instead, they can be looked upon as the beginning of the process of exercising your rights, defending your freedom and properly presenting your case in court.

If, as you look through the site, you have any feedback about what you see, what you would like to see and/or about how well it works to let those charged with an offense know that they have options, and hope, please send us an email.

We were happy to work with the web developers at nvision solutions to get the site created. They offered great advice and assistance through every step of the process and were very sensitive to our approach and the requirements of a legal services website. Whenever we had a question, or reached a dead end, they were quick to offer viable answers and solutions.

We hope you never have to face criminal charges. But if you are ever arrested and charged, we are available to answer your questions, defend your rights and, ultimately, let you rest assured that you are well represented.