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A Personal Message

Making you aware of your options

Being charged with a criminal offence does not make you a criminal. It is not necessarily a complete reflection of your character. I understand the stress faced by an accused and his family upon being charged, whether the allegation is true or false. The power of the police and prosecution can be very intimidating. I will take your stress and put it on my shoulders.

Whether you are charged with a small theft or impaired driving and the loss of a license and a fine or a charge of aggravated assault and a jail sentence the consequences are serious and must be treated as such. I will conduct a thorough review of the evidence both for and against you to assess your personal situation and ensure that you are aware of your options. A guilty plea is always the last option, to be considered only after all other avenues have been explored.


Gain the Upper Hand

Frequently I am able to have charges withdrawn without having a trial, however, sometimes matters can not be resolved without a trial. Success at trial depends upon legal knowledge and full preparation. I have conducted hundreds of trials with a high rate of acquittals. I have a strong reputation for being prepared and being able to think on my feet. I believe that in many cases I can work harder than my opponent to gain the upper hand for my client.

Your lawyer is a reflection of you.

If you are looking for a lawyer that is overly aggressive to the point of being obnoxious, I would not be your choice. Years of experience and positive results for clients have proven that my approach of showing respect to the prosecution and judges is most beneficial for the client. A realistic and reasonable approach to resolving a criminal matter is usually essential to a fair, prompt and less costly resolution.


I will fight for you, but do so with high integrity while defending your rights. Isn’t that how you would want to be represented before the judge?
— Terry MacKay —

Community Involvement

helping those that may be less fortunate

Outside of court I believe in being involved in the community and helping those that may be less fortunate. I have provided free legal services to charitable organizations including a local shelter for families. I make monthly donations to several charities and have been a long time sponsor with World Vision and currently sponsor four children overseas. I coached my first minor baseball team in 1982 and continue to be involved with minor baseball.